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New (short) Animation!

2010-06-22 06:32:56 by jackthetrippr

Hello boys and girls. I dug up an animation I started and abandoned some time last year, polished it off and flopped it into the flash portal. It's rather short but provides a lesson that I think can benefit us all.

Watch it here on Jewgrounds

and when you've done that

watch it here on Jewtube

and then finally enjoy it a third time on Jewviantart

In other news, today I began work on a film that I'm going to make during my holidays titled "Sexual Fish". It will be slightly longer and more enjoyable than this one. Stay tuned for its legs.

New (short) Animation!


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2011-04-07 19:11:31

That seems to contain a lot more artistic content then what I just watched of yours.

I will be looking forward to this piece.


2011-04-07 19:12:03


Boy what is up with my speeling?


2013-04-04 03:01:56

So, how've you been? Really enjoyed Crispmas Beetle! Just a lousy time on NG right now... the Portals been backed up since just before April fools day, and it's taking time to clear the backlog. Plus this fucks with voting, but I can assure you, I have voted in the 4/5 star range each time.

Hope this hasn't been a frustrating time you (waiting for your work to clear under judgement process), it's gonna score well!

jackthetrippr responds:

Hey man! I was wondering why my poor beetle has been under judgement for so long... It never used to take this long back in my golden years. I'm so glad you enjoyed and thanks for voting. Any idea of how much longer my shit will be judged for?


2013-04-04 08:04:53

Fuck, another day, maybe two... probably today. First there was some kinda bug in getting uploads, then Easter, then April Fools, ALL back to back! Plus college kids had time off to finish projects and were begging for reviews - just glad amid the chaos, I found your work.