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New (short) Animation!

2010-06-22 06:32:56 by jackthetrippr

Hello boys and girls. I dug up an animation I started and abandoned some time last year, polished it off and flopped it into the flash portal. It's rather short but provides a lesson that I think can benefit us all.

Watch it here on Jewgrounds

and when you've done that

watch it here on Jewtube

and then finally enjoy it a third time on Jewviantart

In other news, today I began work on a film that I'm going to make during my holidays titled "Sexual Fish". It will be slightly longer and more enjoyable than this one. Stay tuned for its legs.

New (short) Animation!


2010-02-25 00:47:29 by jackthetrippr

Motherlicker's check it fresh my art has been scouted by some kind soul. Peep that shit and start rating it so I can feel good about myself. Yeah!


Putting my Flash on YOUTUBE

2008-10-14 03:33:57 by jackthetrippr

Hello there children uncle Jack here with a rather interesting request.

I've always wanted to showcase my humble collection of animations on youtube, but I continuously fail at converting them to the right file format.

What I'm asking of one of you golden children is to add me on msn ( at which point I'll send you the necessary files so that YOU can do all the converting for me, after which you'll send them back to me and I'll stick them on tube of you.

Please one of you do this for me. I lack the technical know how. I'll give you my eternal respect.

Who the fuck is in charge of news posts and why do they never put mine on the front page? I'll fuck you with a rake.

Putting my Flash on YOUTUBE

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Aborted Fetus Man

2008-03-31 19:25:52 by jackthetrippr

Hello, John here with a fresh flash for you kids.


Consume. Enjoy. Review.

News post

2008-02-15 05:31:56 by jackthetrippr

Bucket of Dicks.

Only on tuesdays.

News post

I've made a new animation

2008-01-23 02:55:39 by jackthetrippr

My first submission of 08 is about some bothersome animals that learn a valuable lesson.

Consume it by clicking here.

Special thanks to Dr. Hayes Siilbek for his digital media photograph-shop skills.

I've made a new animation

Sorry but there's no goodness. But there might be. If you help me!

I posted this in the forum but no one has replied yet.

I've finished a fairly decent movie that I've been working on for a few weeks. Alot of the backgrounds and stuff are actual photos that Ive imported into the flash file.

A friend told me that its best to convert the files to PNG's before importing them into the flash, but this doesnt appear to have worked, because the file size of the finished swf is a whopping 18 MB!

Can someone suggest a way of making the file size smaller? Whether it be converting the images to something else or some other technique?

Help me please.

Here's a screenshot of the movie for anyone interested.

Hey everyone! I've got a bag of goodness to share!

Freelance Animation

2007-09-05 00:25:13 by jackthetrippr

I've made my freelance animation debut with this small cartoon for a beer brewing company's online newsletter. Im pretty pleased with how it turned out. Does anybody know if Im allowed to submit the movie to the portal? Or are there rules about uploading adverts? Anyway Wipeout Pure on PSP is probably the best thing thats ever happened to me. Enjoy!

Click Here To Watch Cartoon...

I love every single one of you.

Freelance Animation

Is anybody out there?

2007-08-19 07:36:00 by jackthetrippr

Well hello non existant fans. My name is John Sanderson and I would like to call myself something of an animator. Check out some of my stuff below. Some is crap, some isn't. Favourites of mine include "This Is My Dog" and "Gorin".

Stay Fresh